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The Importance of an Alkaline Diet

  1. Drink plenty of good clean alkaline water. An ounce or more of water for every two pounds or one kilogram of body weight per day is ideal, preferably from a water purifier that also alkalizes the water.

  2. Limit fried food, processed food, sugar, caffeine, charred meat, carbonated drinks and avoid excessive alcohol.

  3. Favour alkaline forming foods. More green leafy vegetables, raw or steamed vegetables, vegetable juices (watch for salt content in juices like tomato juice). Drink unsweetened fruit juices. Try green tea instead of black tea or coffee.

  4. Supplement with good quality minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients. No matter how well you eat, you will not get them all in your diet today. It is critical that supplements are pharmaceutical grade, otherwise quality, absorbability, or even the listed ingredients should not be expected.

  5. Exercise for at least 25 minutes steady, three times a week. Drink water before and after exercising to stay hydrated.

  6. Get a good night's sleep. Your body repairs itself while you are sound asleep.

  7. Spend time outdoors in the sun and fresh air, away from electricity, concrete and steel, where the earth's magnetic field is not disturbed. Consider increasing the magnetic energy that your body needs for optimum wellness with proven technologies.

  8. Control stress. Take time to relax; let things go, forgive, pray, accept forgiveness and forgive your self. Stress, among other things, creates a lot of acidity in the body.

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself
when we give the body what it needs to do it.

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Adding more
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