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Don't Die Early…
…Live long with good health!

Years ago, I heard a man speak passionately about the dangers of smoking. He used an analogy comparing the number of people dying from smoking each year with 10,000 people living in a town that would soon be obliterated by a volcanic eruption. "If you knew that they would all die at any time," he said, "would you not do everything in your power to convince them to get out of that town?!"

While I believe that most people do know the dangers of smoking, there are other lesser known hazards impacting our health and literally killing millions of us.

What is hard to fathom is that there are those who want to keep the masses from knowing about these hazards and how to avoid them. Why? The reason is that if you are well, you won't need to buy their costly drugs. If you don't have cancer you won't need cancer treatment and so on.

I believe that most of us do care about our fellow man and would not intentionally allow others to become ill or die for our own financial gain.

You may rightly ask, "Why wouldn't my doctor tell me about correcting my pH if it is so critical?" I have trouble with that question myself, however I am told for instance, that very little time is devoted to nutrition in medical school. Perhaps doctors have so much information sent to them on so many topics that they do not get time to read the lesser publicized articles about pH balance.

Why is something so critical not widely publicized? Do pharmaceutical companies sponsor medical magazines?

Actually, very good articles and books about the importance of pH balance have been published. One example is an excellent scientific article published in 1994 in 'Health Realities ™'.* The article spans fifteen pages spelling out exactly how and why pH balance affects our well being dramatically.

'Health Realities™' is a quarterly news letter for health professionals by Queen and Company Health Communications Inc. The article is volume13, number 4, fall 1994, entitled Free Radical Therapy: Part IV Acidemia / Free Calcium Excess. For a copy of this article or subscription information; in the U.S. call (800) 414-3438, or outside of the U.S. call (719) 598-4968.

So who are we and what are we doing?

My name is Ted Brown. I am not a medical professional and am not a substitute for your doctor or other health practitioner. Doctors saved my life as a child and have helped me to get well a number of times throughout my life. I have the utmost respect for the skills and abilities of the medical profession, but we can not expect them to be responsible for our health. Your health and the health of your children is your responsibility.

Your body is wonderfully made. Your body is designed to heal itself when well maintained and when given what it needs to do so.

I am a 'wellness consultant'. My role is to provide information and products to you that will help you to give your body what it needs to avoid illness and to remain well.

How our company came to be

When I found out that by simply correcting the pH balance in our bodies, we can avoid so much disease and illness including cancer, I began telling family and friends about it. When I found that there were so many people getting well and living healthful happy lives after having suffered with various maladies, even after the medical system was unable to help, I decided that there was something that I should be doing.

While there are thousands of people getting well, there are vastly larger numbers of people suffering and dying, mostly because they are unaware of what they can do to help themselves.

We all like to help others and most of us are happy to help a neighbor or a stranger when we can, with no concern about compensation. However, there is only so much a person can do on a voluntary basis.

I realized that I could do far more and reach far more people if I made a business of helping people. Many of us make our living doing something that benefits others in some way or another, but wouldn't it be great if our work could actually help many people to have their health or possibly their life back?

The first step in helping someone in need is to make contact with that person. To make contact you must get their attention. That is the reason for the phrase 'Don't Die Early', simply to get someone's attention in order to let that person know how to avoid dying early. It is important to know what is wrong if we are going to fix it. Using pH test strips to check you pH balance may be the first step you will take toward living long with good health.

While it may seem peculiar, the phrase 'Don't Die Early' is our company name as well as our trade mark. The reason being, it stresses our purpose, it gets attention and it is easy to remember.

We are a family business; myself, my wife, our two sons and my parents. The marketing of pH test strips is a function of this family business; however, we are associated with a much larger company established about 30 years ago in Japan that has been helping people around the world with wonderful products that are nothing short of remarkable. These products include patented magnetic technologies, far infra-red technology, ionizing water purifiers, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, and ionizing air purifiers that do not create unwanted ozone.

We have provided links to our associated web site if you would like access to information about these products and more. You may also contact us with any questions you may have about these products or buying at wholesale prices. There is a real need for those who want to create a wonderful income by helping others to have good health and long life.



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