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pH Definition

A common pH definition is: "a logarithmic scale, from 1 to 14, used to describe the acidity or alkalinity of a solution". Blood in the human body should be close to 7.4 on the pH scale. A pH level of less than 7 indicates an acidic solution while a pH greater than 7 indicates an alkaline solution. 7 is the pH level of distilled water.

PH stands for "potential hydrogen". If your body is too acidic you do not have enough oxygen available for your body cells to stay healthy. When our body is getting enough minerals from our diet to stay alkaline, our blood can function normally - delivering oxygen to the cells throughout our body, and carrying away acidic waste to be disposed.

But if we struggle to keep our blood at pH level 7.4 it cannot pick up all of the acidic waste, and fat cells are formed to store the acidic waste instead.

Human pH Balance

Human body pH balance is key. Failure to maintain an alkaline pH in our tissues and cells will hurt our cellular health. Too much acidity (too little alkalinity) can cause weight gain. Cancer cells, disease-causing bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites can thrive in acidic body tissue. A combination of a good alkaline diet, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the amount of sunlight you are exposed to, how well you sleep, the amount of stress in your life, and how often you get physical exercise, can have a profound effect on the pH level of your body. This will affect how healthy you are and how long you will live.

Start improving your health today! Measuring is knowing. Find out what your pH level is with our pH test strips; the pH chart will tell you whether your body is too acidic or too alkaline. Then improve your health by creating a better pH balance in your body with either more acidic or more alkaline diets.

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