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pH Test Strips

Our pH test strips accurately indicate the pH of saliva or urine by a range of color changes on contact with the liquid. The results can be easily read from a double color pH level chart.

Box with 80 pH test strips

How do the pH test strips work? The pH test can be done with saliva or urine:

  • A saliva test should be done at least two hours after eating or drinking, or first thing in the morning. Drop some fresh saliva in a spoon (see the instruction sheet included in the package for detailed descriptions), and dip the pH test strip into the saliva. Shake off access.
  • When testing urine, do not put pH test strip in the stream of urine, since it may wash the active chemical substances from the strip. Only two or three drops of urine are required on the pH test strip.
  • The test strip color changes must be matched with the pH scale color chart within about 15 seconds.


You can order our pH test strips for only USD / CAD 9.95 (plus Shipping and Handling, and taxes when applicable). Find out more on our order page.




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