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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your body too acidic to have good health? A simple saliva test using our pH test strips will tell immediately where your body is on the pH scale. Based on the results you can consult our list with suggested food changes to improve your body's imbalance.

Reading the information on this website will answer the following questions:

Each package of pH test strips comes with:

  • Directions for easy use;
  • A list of alkaline and acid forming foods;
  • In-depth information about:
    • the benefits of a pH balanced diet;
    • how correcting your pH level can reduce excess body fat;
    • the relation between acid and alkaline foods and cancer;
    • and more...

At least try our pH test strips! For only USD / CAD 9.95 (plus S & H) you can find out where you are on the pH scale, and what you can do to correct the imbalance in your body pH. Don't Die Early... and Live in Good Health!

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Daily testing with our pH test strips may benefit your health as much as "an apple a day"...


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