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Alkaline Diet

Generally, we should be consuming 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods. Although there are healthy foods that are acid forming, they must be balanced by alkaline forming foods. Unfortunately many processed foods, and a large part of our North-American diets overall, are acid forming. Most of us need to make some substantial changes to our lifestyle (diet, exercise, vitamins, herbs) to change our current diet into an alkaline diet, and improve overall health.

What to change?

First you need to measure your current p-H level with our pH test strips, so you know whether you are too acidic or too alkaline. With the results from the pH level charts you can start changing towards a more alkaline diet based on the included list of alkaline and acid forming foods.

We have placed an article on The importance of an Alkaline Diet within our articles section.

NOTE: changing your diet and/or lifestyle alone may not be the (whole) answer for your particular health challenges. Please consult a doctor or health professional when necessary.





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Excercise, along with a more alkaline dite, will improve overall health.

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