Is your body too acidic for you
to have good health and long life?

Most of us in North America are too acidic due to our diet and life style.

Cancer, disease causing bacteria, viruses & parasites
can thrive in acidic body tissue.

Scientists have known this for many years.

You can correct an acid imbalance naturally
& rid your body of disease causing acidic waste.

It can be as simple as choosing some ordinary "alkaline" forming foods
needed to balance even good foods that are acid forming.

A simple saliva test using "pH test strips" [more]
will tell immediately where your body is on the pH scale.

On the pH (potential hydrogen) scale, 7 is neutral, below 7 is acidic above 7 is alkaline.

Scale with alkaline values. 5.5-6 means that your body is acidic, between 8 and 8.5 is alkaline and between 7 and 7.5 is healthy.


These pH test strips accurately indicate the pH of saliva or urine by a range of colour changes on contact with the liquid. Simply match the colour change of the easy to read double colour strip to the chart.

These packages contain 80 pH test strips.


Box with 80 pH test strips

At least try our pH test strips! For only USD / CAD 9.95 (plus S & H) you can find out where you are on the pH scale, and what you can do to correct the imbalance in your body pH.

Don't Die Early... and Live in Good Health!

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Directions are easy to use

A list rating alkaline and acid forming foods

correcting your pH can
reduce excess body fat
is explained.

Above information & more is all inside this package.

pH test strips: order now

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